larisse travels

I have always wanted to start a travel blog ever since we (together with my son and my dear ‘my and my very good friend Mommy CJ and her kids: Zack and Zoie) visited Palawan last January 2013 – but you know when you procrastinate, you never get things done start doing the things that you want to do 🙂

My morning work shift was over 2 hours ago and I was just browsing through and I saw a link of this amazing travel blog: That did it for me, I got all envious and while I oohed and aahed at the pictures in-between reading the entries, I did manage to start this travel blog. I do not know when I will be able to update and if my posts are really blog-worthy but at least, this is a start 😀

Yes, I love to travel but so far, I have only traveled here in my beloved Pilipinas. I do have a passport that is yet to be stamped. For the meantime, it’ll just be all about the beautiful places in the Philippines.

I have seen my fair share of wonderful and beautiful ‘Pinas spots and although I am not an expert in taking pictures, I just want to share and talk about the places that I have visited. I may not be the best storyteller there is but please allow me to just say my piece 😀

The pictures that will be posted here will be mostly my own, or those of my friends or co-travellers and some may even  be taken from the internet but everything will be credited properly.

And now my head is full of ideas and I am confused as to how I would actually start this travel blog and which of the places (albeit, only a few though) that I have visited I will be blogging about first 😀


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