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the occasional traveler

I do not travel as much as I want to so I guess I am what you can call the occasional traveler; time has always been a factor as to why and of course, moolah too. My travels are few and far in between but I must say that I have enjoyed each experience – travelling with family and friends surely spells f-u-n 😀

These are just some of the places that i have traveled to and boy, do I wish I could have blogged about these travels when the experience was still fresh in my mind but, oh well 😀

I will try to blog about each place (in separate entries of course! :D) although not in much detail as I would want (hello there, memory gap! :D) for now, let me share with you these pictures from my travels 🙂

2015-02-19 14.45.37

that’s my name, written on the fine white sand of santiago bay garden and resort in camotes 🙂


this is in palawan, photo is taken by mommy cj 🙂

supermom in dumaluan beach, panglao island, bohol, 11july10.

this was in panglao, bohol during one of the most lingaw na GA’s ever 🙂


in mantayupan falls (this is the smaller falls :D) with my carolinian bff’s 🙂


relaxing in terra manna nature garden resort in badian 🙂

Ahhhh, how good it is to be relaxed – that is my goal everytime I travel: to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stress from work, even for just a day/night or two 🙂


this is one from one of my recent travels: in cambais falls in alegria, picture taken by madam kyra 🙂

I still want to explore, visit and travel to many different places – suggestions, anyone? 😀


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