i haven’t really made this blog public yet as i haven’t really posted my travels but this map is just what i need to update my travels 🙂

i chanced upon this site when i visited girltalk where it had a topic of interesting places to visit in cebu: http://www.femalenetwork.com/girltalk/index.php/topic,288528.0.html and i got curious and checked out http://www.halemanna.com/ and one of the links of the owner that already visited the place was of http://www.mikedtravelph.com/


the verdict?


Your Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

it would have been better if there was an option for one-time visit as opposed to just selecting Just passing through (which i chose for Bukidnon and Zamboanga City). Been here once to a few times was also what I chose for Camiguin, I have visited that beautiful island twice – but I think it would be tedious to categorize the number of times that you have visited a certain place 😀

and yes, i’m noob when it comes to links and such, so please if anybody could help me show my map, help would be greatly appreciated 😀

but overall, this map was one great idea, Sir Eugene Villar 🙂 i wish to travel to all of the provinces in the Philippines, just as what paula peralejo, http://www.paulatheexplorer.com/ is currently doing – if she’s not traveling outside the philippines that is 😀

so, where to next? 🙂


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