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Simala Shrine

Simala Shrine
Lindogon, Simala

When I woke up early this morning, I just decided that I wanted to go to Simala. Even though it was a much needed trip for my soul, I still couldn’t help but marvel at the changes at the shrine. I first went there when  I was a college student in USC with my USC bes Jie-ann, around 2005 I think, and just kept visiting and praying whenever I could. I couldn’t exactly remember the last time I went but I’d say it was before I took the LET board exam, which was in 2007.

My Simala shrine pictures before (as was all of my pictures) were taken with my Sony camera which is unfortunately already broken and I couldn’t round up all the discs where I saved the photos. I took photos of everything before as much as I do now but I just didn’t have a good camera phone back then and just relied on my Sony point and shoot camera.

I have seen pictures of the shrine online but it still didn’t quite prepare me when I saw it myself. I oohed and aahed at every chance I got. Here are the pictures that I took earlier today:


The very first picture I took when I started ascending the stairs.


The stairs going to the right.


I thought there was nothing interesting below and then I saw the beautiful landscape. Yes, We Love Mama Mary 🙂


My “mistake”everytime I take a picture – my finger half-covers the camera.


I wish devotees were allowed to wander down there.

I didn’t take photos inside the shrine not only as a sign of courtesy, but also because I am supposed to pray – which I did.

20161206_085428It’s amazing. Found this right outside the door when I exited the building.


The shrine is still not done but it is already beautiful.


It really is beautiful.


This used to be the only imposing statue in the shrine.


This is were I laid flowers before.


Thank you for all the blessings, Mama Mary. I love you.

It was just a quick trip. I traveled from Mandaue at 5:30am and I was back in Mandaue at 1:00pm just in time for my 2:00pm shift. It was a 2hour trip each way and traffic was bearable but I slept most of the trip anyway 😀

Breakdown of Expenses:

10.00 Jeepney fare from Mandaue to Manalili

7.00 Jeepney fare from Manalili to Emall (then I walked the short distance to Caltex, across the Cebu South Bus Terminal, where I boarded a mini-bus bound for Carcar)

30.00 Mini-bus fare from Cebu City to Carcar City rotunda

50.00 Tricycle fare from Carcar City rotunda to Lindogon, Simala (as in kutob jud sa gate sa Simala Shrine)

20.00 Habal-habal fare from Simala Shrine to highway

60.00 Bus fare from Lindogon, Simala to Emall in Cebu City

10.00 Water

100.00 3 packs of chicharon for 100 –  35.00 if bought per piece

10.00 Jeepney fare from Emall to SM City Cebu

7.00 SM City Cebu to Mandaue

Total:  304.00


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