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papart’s diner and cafè

papart’s first caught my attention 2years ago when they were still known as papart’s tuslob buwa.

i visited their tipolo branch with my good friend darymme but we did not order their tuslob buwa, we chickened out at the last minute. what we ordered were all delicious and the price was just affordable.

i got to know the one of the owners debbie, through and i was even invited to the opening of their capitol branch, because of gayle, another istoryan, who is also my friend.

that was the first time i tasted their carbonara and panna cotta.i am certainly not a foodie – it’s all either lami (delicious) or way lami (not delicious) for me.

i gave both the carbonara and panna cotta, my lami seal of approval.

last year, my friend mentioned that there was “lami nga unli chicken and pasta” sa may parkmall and i thought she was referring to burrow but when she said the restaurant name was papart’s i had to ask debbie if they own it and if they now serve unli chicken.

i don’t remember getting a confirmation that they own it, but for the unli chicken and pasta, i went with my friends the next time they had an eating session.

although the restaurant’s interior decoration was kept simple, the new papart’s is 100% prettier than before. they also now have a new name: papart’s diner and cafe 🙂

the price for their unli promo (picture taken from the net)

198.00 unli chicken with 8 flavors, 1 round of tuna carbonara or bolognese fetuccine, bottomless iced tea and unli rice.

248.00 unli chicken wings, unli tuna carbonara and bolognese fettucine, bottomless iced tea and unli rice.

348.00 unli chicken wings and shrimps combo (10pcs wings and 1platter shrimp per order), bottomless iced tea and unli rice.

398.00 unli chicken wings and shrimps, unlimited sizzling sisig, tuna carbonara and bolognese fettucine, bottomless iced tea and unli rice.

i paid 248.00 and had a sumptuous meal of:

unli chicken wings:

unli carbonara:

unli bolognese fettucine (but this will just be spaghetti to me :D)

the 248.00 meal includes 1 round of sizzling sisig which is yummy! 🙂

bottomless iced tea:

a companion ordered the 348.00 meal and this is how the shrimps look like.i ate 2 when the ate’s at papart’s weren’t looking 😀 lami sad ilang shrimps 😉

i ate for the 2nd time last month and papart’s still did not disappoint. their carbonara is definitely worth coming back for. i paid 198.00 this time because i just wanted to binge on carbonara and chicken wings 😀

from being sikat for their tuslob buwa and other lutong bahay dishes, the all-new papart’s diner and cafe, can now give the more established but more expensive unli chicken restaurants, a run for their money.

hands-down, papart’s carbonara is the best and their sour cream and honey soy garlic sauces for their chicken wings are the yummiest.

aside from the yummy and delicious food, their prices are just affordable too.

hungry already? their address is:

papart's diner and cafe
2nd floor
maroo arcade, mandaue city

they’re open from 10am to 10pm but you can still book an appointment beyond 10pm, just call them at 032 3280798.


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