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osmeña peak

osmeña peak,

i am tired and my legs are gipamaolan yet i am happy. i climbed osmeña peak earlier today and i’m proud to say that i did that on my own. okay, naa si ate celda na guide, but still 😀

my original plan was to be at the terminal by 6am but i woke up at 7am instead. so nag.dali2x na intawn ko.

because i planned to go alone, i did my fair share of research on how to get to o’peak.

i went all the way to carbon to look for the bus that will go all the way to mantalungon market. the bus is parked in caltex, duol na sa cebu eastern college na side. i arrived there at 9am but the bus sign said that it will leave at 10:30am. i patiently waited by sleeping on the bus after eating at the carenderia sa kilid. the bus left carbon at 11am and we arrived in mantalungon market at 2pm.

i had to register first and i paid 30.00.

and then, i started ascending 🙂

after i took this photo, ate celda took charge of my phone and took a lot of beautiful, amazing and breath-taking pictures:

i spent 30minutes going up and another 30minutes going down and stayed at the peak roughly mga 30minutes pud. ate celda said that experienced mountain climbers could reach the peak in 15minutes 🙂

the hangak and kakapoy was all worth it. the view at the top is truly breath-taking and amazing, picturesque kaayo.

i would love to go back again and again sa o’peak, but there are still so many places i have yet to see 🙂

i thought that hadlok mosaka sa o’peak nga ikaw ra usa but trust me it isn’t. dili lang siguro ka magpa.gabii or 🙂 also, you need to be alert and dili magpa.tanga2x 😀 watch your belongings and make sure na dili tibuok imong money para you can give the exact amount inig bayad2x 🙂

travel bucket list #1, ticked off 😀

expenses for this trip:

7.00 jeepney fare from my house to jmall (pataka sakay jeep :()

10.00 jeepney fare from jmall to manalili

159.00 energizer aa batteries which i used for my point and shoot sony camera

55.00 water and ham and cheese sandwich

32.00 brunch sa carenderia

10.00 water

100.00 mini-bus fare from carbon to mantalungon market

30.00 registration fee

25.00 water (again :D)

200.00 habal2x fare (50.00 from mantalungon market to o’peak, 100.00 from o’peak to dalaguete proper, 50.00 tip because he waited for me)

150.00 guide fee (ate from the center said that fee range from 100.00 to 150.00, depende ra and my guide ate celda, took really nice pictures so i think the 150.00 was worth it :))

120.00 ceres aircon bus fare from dalaguete to cebu

total: 898.00


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