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biking in olango island

olango island 


tl sky invited me to tag along when she planned to go biking around olango island. of course i said yaaaaaaassssss! 🙂 tl sky, besh jinner (she is from olango and our host/guide) and i left mandaue at 5am; took a multicab bound for tamiya, got off in menzi then rode another multicab bound for eskina angasil. we then took a tricycle to the pier 🙂 

we saw this amazing sunrise when we were about to board the pumpboat going to olango island 🙂 

the sky was literally on fire 🙂

the second picture was when we were about to disembark from the boat. another beautiful sunrise shot 😀 

tl sky and i were both first-timers on the island and we were so happy to finally be there 🙂 

low tide! 🙂 

besh jinner’s mama prepared these: saging and pan bisaya: 

we rented bicycles right after breakfast. we went to sitio candagsao – the owner’s house that rents the bikes is at the back of candagsao elementary school. 

the rent is 10.00/hour. yes, it’s legit 🙂 

and then it was time to go biking! 🙂 

we went to one end of the island and took a lot of pictures: 

then we biked going to our destination, which is at the opposite end of olango: 

the boardwalk: 

our food: 

fresh sea urchin, sold at 10.00 each. i ate 1 – my friend joyjoy said this was locally called tihi-tihi 😀 

the view from the cottage of the marine sanctuary:

swimming with the fishes 🙂 

and the ultimate summer splash 😉

my kind of jump shot! 😀 

took a break from swimming to pose and take everything in 🙂 

then it was time to go home 😀

although we were already very tired, we had no choice but to still use the bikes in going to the other side of the island to return our rented bicycles 🙂 

we had to stop by this spot because the scenery was just too beautiful 🙂 

ah, the island life 🙂 

we had freshly-picked buko when we arrived in besh jinner’s house – thank you, kuya! 🙂 

high tide! 🙂 

then, it was time to go back to the big island and the city 🙂 last boat trip from olango is at 6pm 🙂 

until next time, olango – i will surely be back 😀 

Expenses for this trip: 

8.00 mandaue to menzi

10.00 menzi to eskina angasil

8.00 eskina angasil to baybayon para sa pumpboat

12.00 pumpboat going to olango

60.00 bicycle rental (10.00/hour and we had the bike for a total of 6hours ;))

15.00 hilton to highway mandaue

optional expenses: 

10.00 pantalan sa olango to bunga (vice-versa) – but we opted to walk from the pantalan, passed by the church and said a little prayer for us to be safe 😀 and going to pantalan from bunga, gihatod mi sa kuya ni besh jinner 🙂 

2 options and (fare) in going to and from olango island: 

12.00 angasil port to olango

13.00 (including terminal fee) pantalan sa olango to angasil port

16.00 (including terminal fee) pantalan sa olango to movenpick 

thank you besh jinner for being the perfect host and guide, for answering   my questions and for taking the perfect shot of the beautiful spot in olango, island 🙂 

thank you, tl sky for thinking of me and gipa-uban ko nimo 😀 

hanggang sa muli, olango 😉 


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