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canigao island paradise

friends and family have always talked about how beautiful canigao island is but even though i grew up in hilongos, leyte (which is a good 45minutes away from the island) i never visited it until november 2015.

we (bernadette, cholo, tita carmel, nate, cassy, angelo and mama) went to canigao, a day after celebrating angelo’s 7th birthday. 

from our house, we went sa tiangge sa hilongos and boarded a multicab bound for matalom, made sure that the driver will bring us to the pier going to the island.

the colorful umbrellas welcomed us, and the kids went straight to the tindahan to see what they can buy: 

we waited awhile for the pumpboat to filled with other passengers. 

it was a smooth-sailing boat ride, which was good because we were travelling with 3 kids 😀 

i could finally see the island, which was a sight to behold even from afar. 

we’re finally here! 🙂 

open cottages wwre available for rent and it was big enough for all of us: 

grilling stations are available too 🙂 

our food! 🙂

after eating lunch, we went around the island. 

canigao is truly a paradise for beach lovers 🙂 the white sand is so fine and nobody would ever say no to the sea’s vivid hues of blues and greens 🙂 bisan ra ka sa dagat 😀 

i forgot what part of the island this was, but naay balay2x sa tunga sa dagat: 

we were able to go around the island in less than 20minutes, that’s how tiny it was 🙂 

i was glad to see my family happy and that they enjoyed the time we spent together in the island – although ka.pila na sila balik2x sa canigao, ako ka.isa pa tawn, hahahahaha! 🙂 

we also boarded the same boat in going back to the mainland 🙂 

ba-bye canigao 🙂 

this trip was priceless as this was spent with my beloved family! 🙂 

please notice the pictures with the rates and bear in mind that we visited canigao island on november 2015 😀 

how to go to canigao island from cebu via hilongos, leyte:

daytrip from cebu (roble shipping lines) – cebu to hilongos, leyte

multicab from hilongos to matalom 

pumpboat from matalom mainland to canigao island paradise (and vice versa) 

sidecar from matalom to hilongos – pakyaw price negotiable

boat trips are available everyday from cebu to hilongos and hilongos to cebu – roble shipping lines and gloria shipping lines both service the place 😀 

ticket outlets for roble shipping in cebu is in pier 3 (for same day byahes) and pier 4 (this is their main office and passengers can book advance tickets here.) 

ticket outlets for gabisan shipping in cebu is in pier 3. 


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