larisse travels

Hi! 🙂

My name is Larisse and I love to travel – hence, larissetravels 🙂 Although I don’t get to travel as much I want to – work has been keeping me from doing so; but yes, I’ve been to a lot places, if I may say so myself.

I have never traveled outside of my beautiful country, the Philippines, but I am happy because I have been to and seen a few of the places that our country has to offer 🙂 I may not be able to see all the 7, 107 islands of the Philippines, but I will try 😀

I was born in Manila, lived for a few months (when I was 5 or maybe 6 years old) in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, was eventually raised and enjoyed my childhood and teenage years in Hilongos, Leyte and I have been living in Cebu since the year 2000. That’s already travelling for me, eh? 😀

I’m not a pro when it comes to taking pictures and most of the time, words fail me so I am not the greatest storyteller either – but I will try my best for you to be enticed or maybe even just like my travel posts 🙂

I’ve always “blamed” my Grade 1 Sibika at Kultura book for my “I want to go to” blah blah – because as young as seven years old, I have always wanted to see the Pagsanjan Falls, the Hagdan-hagdan na Palayan sa Banaue and the Chocolate Hills in Bohol – I have always wondered how beautiful these places were up close.

Again, I say this: I may not be able to see all the 7, 107 islands of the Philippines and enjoy the world-famous tourist spots, but I will try post my travel experiences 😀

There’s nothing fancy shumancy here, just larissetravels 😉


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